The project “Conservation of Marine Turtles in the Mediterranean Region” aims to enhance the protection of marine turtles within the Mediterranean region by reducing human induced direct mortality. Numerous activities will be carried out across the Mediterranean, such as applied research and monitoring on known and potential nesting sites and marine hotspots (Albania, Egypt, Greece, Lebanon, Libya, Spain, Tunisia and Turkey); reinforcement of coordination through the use of standardised maps, protocols and databases; capacity building among turtle researchers and marine protected area managers; improvement of the management and protection of nesting sites (Greece, Turkey); elaboration or update of National Action Plans (Lebanon, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt); and reduction of illegal trade of sea turtles (Egypt, Tunisia).

MEDASSET’s contribution to the project focuses on two Mediterranean countries: Albania and Egypt. In Albania, MEDASSET will implement a monitoring programme to explore if there is any nesting activity along its coastline and evaluate the quality of certain beaches to appraise their potential of being used as nesting sites in the future, in the case of spatial nesting shifts due to climate change. In Egypt MEDASSET will implement research survey and an awareness raising campaign to reduce illegal sea turtle trade.

Exploration of potential nesting sites & design of conservation measures for sporadic nesting in Albania (2018-2019)


  • Title Conservation of Marine Turtles in the Mediterranean Region
  • Location Albania, Egypt
  • Approach Awareness Raising, Research
  • Theme Sea turtles & Habitats
  • Duration2018-2020
  • Co-funded byMAVA Foundation
  • In partnership withARCHELON, DEKAMER, MedPAN, RAC-SPA, NMPZ, WWF Greece, WWF Turkey. Indirect partners: Notre Grand Bleu, WWF North Africa, IUCN - Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation
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