Help us achieve more

MEDASSET’s team works passionately to help slow down the rate of marine biodiversity loss around the Mediterranean so that sea turtles and all forms of life on our planet are no longer threatened with extinction.

Sea Turtle Research

The survey of 7,800 kilometers of coastline makes MEDASSET a pioneer in the discovery and monitoring of sea turtle habitats in the Mediterranean, having reached conservation landmarks from Sardinia to the N.E. Aegean Sea and from the Ionian Sea to the shores of Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Libya. By donating you will help our team reveal important research findings which will be turned into conservation action!

Education & Awareness

It is important that everyone should know what is destroying our seas and sea turtle populations. MEDASSET develops environmental education programmes, tools and material to help teachers educate and raise environmental awareness in children and young people. Your donations will help us extend our reach and shape a healthy future for marine ecosystems in the Mediterranean.

Habitat Protection

MEDASSET encourages a strategic conservation mind-set, giving strong emphasis on advocacy campaigns for the protection of the Mediterranean’s most significant sea turtle nesting habitats in Greece, Cyprus & Turkey. Your donations will allow us to continue bringing international attention to local conservation problems and encourage governments to take action.