Programmes & Advocacy Campaigns Officer

Liza studied International & European Economics (BSc) at the Athens University of Economics & Business, and then visited the Autonomous University of Barcelona to study Ecological Economics & Environmental Management (MSc). 

In the past she has worked on the EU chemicals policy campaign with Amics de la Terra, on environmental management systems at a pharmaceutical plant, and sustainable tourism eco-labelling at a certification company. She is a native Greek and English speaker, fluent in Spanish and can understand French.

About myself

Outside office hours, I enjoy outdoor activities and can’t imagine life without good music, films and festivals. When it comes to holidays, I’m off to my hometown in Crete, travelling abroad, preferably to pristine locations, and I would switch a hotel room with a tent in a blink of the eye!

What about MEDASSET?

Since joining the team in 2008, my responsibilities involve managing campaigns to influence policy makers and stakeholders, as well as coordinating conservation and research projects. MEDASSET has given me the opportunity to work for what I feel most passionate about: safeguarding our blue home and its amazing life forms. I also enjoy the culturally rich experience that comes hand in hand with our daily contact with colleagues from the Mediterranean and beyond.