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surf-colorIt is important that everyone should know what is destroying our seas and sea turtle populations. MEDASSET develops environmental education programmes, tools and material to help teachers educate and raise environmental awareness in children and young people.

Your donations will help us extend our reach and shape a healthy future for marine ecosystems in the Mediterranean.

The more people know about something, the more likely they are to respect it and to change their behaviour accordingly. Enhancing the understanding of the young about how sea turtles live and what they need to survive is done through: the printed and other material we produce, our visits to schools, volunteer actions that we coordinate, our presence at festivals and other public events, and through our use of social media.

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Now days that technology causes children to spend their free time indoors in front of monitors, environmental education is more necessary than ever. Being cut off the natural environment does not only harm children but nature as well, since it will almost be impossible for the next generation to protect something so unfamiliar.
MEDASSET’s education programmes give students the opportunity to realise in an experiential way that environment is not only the source of life but also the recipient of our activities.

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