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mask-colorThe survey of 7,800 kilometers of coastline makes MEDASSET a pioneer in the discovery and monitoring of sea turtle habitats in the Mediterranean, having reached conservation landmarks from Sardinia to the N.E. Aegean Sea and from the Ionian Sea to the shores of Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Libya.

By donating you will help our team reveal important research findings which will be turned into conservation action!

We aim to base everything we do on the results of solid, scientific enquiry. So we support research projects that work to fill knowledge gaps around such questions as: where turtles go when they leave their nesting beaches; what the greatest threats to their survival are; what human activities could be adapted to cause less harm, and many more. We can never hope to answer all the questions… every time fresh information emerges it always leads to new ones.

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We can’t protect what we don’t understand. Sea turtles are complex and mysterious species that humans have yet to fully comprehend. Our research projects help fill-in knowledge gaps and enable science-based conservation and policy making.


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