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shell-colorMEDASSET encourages a strategic conservation mind-set, giving strong emphasis on advocacy campaigns for the protection of the Mediterranean’s most significant sea turtle nesting habitats in Greece, Cyprus & Turkey.

Your donations will allow us to continue bringing international attention to local conservation problems and encourage governments to take action.

Policy-makers at local, regional, national and international level are of vital importance. They ultimately decide what protection measures should be in place, which to strengthen and which to relax. We approach them directly to make the arguments that will influence their decisions but we also work to shape public opinion, because most policy makers need votes. Improving legislation and regulation is a first step. Then we work to keep up the pressure on those tasked with enforcement.

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For more than 100 million years, marine turtles hold an integral role in marine and coastal ecosystems. Over the last 200 years human activities have undermined the survival of these prehistoric creatures and uncontrolled development has led to the destruction of their habitats.
Protecting the remaining habitats is essential for the survival of sea turtles and…survival of sea turtles is essential for sustaining balanced marine ecosystems that can support a sustainable human development.

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