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Since its launch in 1997, EuroTurtle, has fostered links between conservation and environmental education and was the first educational online portal in Europe to be exclusively devoted to sea turtles in the Mediterranean. As a joint project between MEDASSET and King’s College (Taunton, UK), the primary objective of EuroTurtle is to increase awareness about the plight of sea turtles. The website covers sea turtle biology, distribution of the seven species of marine turtle and accurate identification keys, threats and conservation efforts.

We encourage educators, students, and individuals to visit EuroTurtle to learn more about sea turtles! We welcome comments and feedback.

EuroTurtle’s Environmental Education section, offers a number of curriculum-linked activities which have been designed to increase awareness about the conservation issues facing marine turtles. The activities are interactive, online and cross-curricula and all have been fully tested in an educational environment. The activities are obviously ‘turtle orientated’, although many of the issues raised apply to most other marine species.

Several awards and feedback from users clearly show that the website is successful in achieving its educational aims.EuroTurtle was redesigned in 2008.

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