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In April 2017 we launched the online game “TEAM TURTLE”, created for primary school-age children.

Mirroring the global spread of sea turtles, the game was developed by MEDASSET in association with a truly international team of specialists from five nations, coordinated by Lucky Lot, in Dublin, Ireland. The aim is to bring marine life and the challenges faced by endangered sea turtles closer to everyday experience and to creatively educate children through an activity they would choose for themselves – playing a computer game!

The design team’s approach was that by enabling the young players to take on the role of “rescuer” or “helper” to the little hatchlings they can see struggling to survive, an emotional connection is made. That is one step in building a lifelong, caring relationship between an individual and the life of the sea.

In two separate game zones, players first help eggs to hatch and then protect the baby turtles as they avoid predators and obstacles on the beach and race to reach the safety of the water. It’s exciting, and the players will need speed and dexterity to collect points. They can add more by choosing to try and answer 3 quiz questions. The reward is gaining the creative power gradually to bring movement and colour into what starts out as a rather bare, underwater, Marine Scene. At 100 points, that Scene is finally bursting with all kinds of Mediterranean life!

In addition to being simply a fun game to play, TEAM TURTLE can be used by education professionals in the classroom as an enjoyable part of any lesson plan focusing either on sea turtles or more generally on marine life.

Key facts about TEAM TURTLE:

• Team Turtle is free and available via
• Conservation organisations are invited to include a link on their own websites.
• The only language currently offered is English
• The game is designed to be enjoyed primarily by children 5-8 years old.

All species illustrated in this edition of TEAM TURTLE can, in line with MEDASSET’s own mission, be found in the Mediterranean basin. Other geographically distinct Marine Scenes are an ambition for the future. Likewise, additional game zones are already at concept stage and are ready to be developed in cooperation with interested partner organisations.

The game was made possible with funding from NK, the Korean designer/manufacturer of ballast water treatment systems for the shipping industry.



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