SEAlly© has been created in the framework of the Green Fund funded project “Fishers, Sea turtles & Sharks: Alliance for Survival”, coordinated by MEDASSET-Mediterranean Association to Save the Sea Turtles and in partnership with iSea. The project aims to study and mitigate the impacts of bycatch and ghostfishing on sea turtle and shark populations in Greece, through awareness, capacity building and cooperation with stakeholders in the fisheries sector. A key aspect of the project is the active involvement and engagement of citizens on the basis of Citizen Science, as well as the use of innovative technology tools. In this context, SEAlly© was developed, through which fishers, port authorities, divers and all sea lovers are able to record sea turtle and/or shark sightings in the Mediterranean Sea and thus provide valuable primary data. SEAlly© is the first mobile application, which allows multi-taxa recording and in particular species of which abundance is not well known. Both sea turtles and sharks have long lifespan, slow growth rates and migrate large distances. Thus, data collection through this application will increase the scientific knowledge about sea turtles and sharks.

The project “Fishers, Sea turtles and Sharks: Alliance for Survival» is funded under the financial program of the Green Fund “Natural Environment and Innovative Actions”, Strand “Natural Environment Management Actions”, Measure “Innovative Actions with Citizens”, Budget: €49.690, Beneficiary: MEDASSET, Partner: iSea


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