Species Knowledge

Support mechanism for filling key knowledge gaps for vulnerable species impacted by fisheries in selected areas of the Mediterranean

A spinoff project to the M4 Species Knowledge Multi-Taxa ‘Bycatch’ project. Ιt’s main aim is to address knowledge gaps of vulnerable species’ distribution, range, migratory routes and their habitat use, as featured in the ‘Bycatch’ project. The information obtained from the research will feed into the ‘Bycatch’ project to assist with the spatial and temporal analysis of vulnerable species and fisheries interactions. In addition, data collected will also be used to help identify potential new areas for designation of protection.

The Steering Committee, SC (including MEDASSET) consists of ACCOBAMS, Birdlife International, IUCN-Med, MAVA Foundation and RAC/SPA, with input from external experts. An initial analysis of available information and previous research of species distribution will be conducted by each member of the SC for their affiliated species, to highlight knowledge gaps and steer the focus of work needed to be carried out. A call for project proposals will then be issued to address this work and applications received assessed by the Steering Committee. Each proposal will be able to apply upto 80,000 euros and must be completed by mid 2020 to co-inside with the ‘Bycatch’ project.

  • Country EUTunisia
  • Approach Research
  • Theme Fisheries

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