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Press Release: MEDSEALITTER Project

  • Posted by Efi Starfa
  • 28/04/2020

83 organisations advocate for biodiversity conservation in the Mediterranean!

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Pan-Mediterranean Shield for Sea Turtles

  • Posted by eleana
  • 06/03/2020

The Mediterranean Sea is a biodiversity hotspot of high importance worldwide and hosts significant sea turtle populations across its range for...

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Who we are

Founded in 1988, MEDASSET (Mediterranean Association to Save the Sea Turtles) is an international environmental NGO registered as a charity and limited liability company in the UK and a Permanent Observer-Member to the Bern Convention, Council of Europe. MEDASSET is working closely with MEDASSET Greece – a not-for-profit organisation established in 1993 in Greece, which is a partner to the UN’s Mediterranean Action Plan (UNEP/MAP). Both organisations are active in the study and conservation of sea turtles and their habitats throughout the Mediterranean. Common goals are achieved through scientific research, environmental education, lobbying relevant decision makers, and raising public awareness.

Mission Statement

To conserve the Mediterranean’s sea turtles, establishing them as a flagship species for the wider conservation needs of marine and coastal biotopes throughout the region. Through research, lobbying, education and advocacy, to ensure these needs become and remain central to national and international policy, regulation and legislation, supporting the enforcement of existing protective measures and the creation of new ones.


The UK has historically recognised its debt to the Mediterranean region. Our culture, language and form of government all have their roots there, as does our Founder, Lily Venizelos. Lily immediately recognised that, since sea turtles know no boundaries, if the ones that still survive in the waters of her native Greece and use that country’s beaches as nesting places were to be protected, a transnational, region-wide approach would be needed. Rising above artificial dividing lines, MEDASSET decided from the outset that it would work to foster greater understanding of sea turtles, of their biology, behaviour and needs internationally, and that it would build bridges of cooperation and understanding between scientists, researchers, conservationists… and the public.

Only if it did that could it hope to succeed. While certain populations of sea turtles mostly remain within the Mediterranean basin, the decisions that affect their future are taken by national and international governing bodies. It has been vital to MEDASSET’s work to be close to the policy makers, the academic centres of excellence and the environmentally sensitive public of the UK in order to advocate effectively for the ancient species that the charity was set up to protect.

The sea turtle, a flagship species, acts as an ambassador of all marine life and habitats in need of protection.
By focusing on and achieving the conservation of these charismatic migratory reptiles that swim thousands of miles across seas and oceans, the status of many other species that share their habitats – or are vulnerable to the same threats – will also be improved.
Sea turtles are one of the oldest living species, having roamed the earth for approximately 100 million years but human interference is threatening their survival.

The reckless and unsustainable use of our natural resources (fish stocks, water, minerals, oil), the deliberate killing of wildlife, pollution, the destruction of ecosystems, greenhouse gas emissions and climate change are some of the threats faced by the marine and coastal environment as a result of human activity.
Our activities can have a negative impact on our own lives and the lives of those hundreds of miles away. One billion of the world’s population depends on fish as their main protein source.  For these people overfishing presents a concrete and serious threat. Unsustainable development degrades our natural environment and extreme weather phenomena are expected to increase due to climate change leading to the reduction of the natural protection provided by our coastal ecosystems.

Anyone who wishes to help protect the sea and marine life, can!
We rely on the help of volunteers in order to achieve our conservation objectives. We invite those who wish to devote some of their time to get in touch with us to find out what our current needs are.
Those who want to help but time is an issue can become “Friends of MEDASSET” with an annual subscription of 30 euros.
Another easy and fun way to make a difference is to follow us on social media and share our news!

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“The sea turtle, a flagship species, acts as an ambassador of all marine life and habitats in need of protection.” ~ MEDASSET
“Sea turtle conservation in the Mediterranean has always been more about humans and less about turtles.” ~ Lily Venizelos, Founder & President


Lily Venizelos on Turkish TV