At the Athens Office

Located in the center of Athens, our office hosts volunteers from around the world. Volunteering for MEDASSET is a great opportunity to combine learning about the marine environment, living in an exciting Mediterranean capital and developing new skills!

Volunteers are considered to be members of the team and are involved in day to day duties, campaigns, events and activities. Tasks might include social media management, research, design of material or activities, article writing, proof editing and much more! Volunteer tasks are carried out in collaboration with and under the guidance of a staff member, and short meetings are held on a regular basis to evaluate progress and share ideas.

Whenever possible, volunteers are encouraged to bring a laptop.

Ongoing needs
Priority will be given to volunteers with skills and interests in social media, web design, web developing, graphic design, marketing, and communications.

MEDASSET also welcomes online volunteers who can support our cause by offering their skills, free time and knowledge through an internet-based collaboration.

If you would like to know more about our volunteering opportunities contact us at medasset(at), please add “Volunteering” in the e-mail subject line. This is a popular programme with a high number of applicants and places seem to always be booked. Apply now!


Volunteers are typically involved in office duties, filing, letter writing, fundraising, internet research etc. However, we try to make use of our volunteers’ field of expertise wherever possible and we are open to any ideas on how you can help us spread our message.
There will always be a fun project or event in which we need your help e.g. participating in awareness raising campaigns, wearing our mascot, managing our social media, etc. Depending on what time of the year you choose to join us, you may be asked to travel to Zakynthos island to help us assess the situation on the nesting beach.

Depending on availability, we can discuss this on an individual basis.

MEDASSET will compensate travel or other costs resulting from tasks specifically requested of the volunteer (out of pocket expenses). These expenses must be agreed to in advance.

Volunteers who join us during the summer and who may travel to Zakynthos as part of their programme, have a good chance of seeing a sea turtle. If you are set on seeing a sea turtle in its natural environment, we recommend you use your weekends to visit Zakynthos, Kefallonia, West or South Peloponnese or Crete. Keep in mind however that sea turtles are wild animals that make rare appearances, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t see one after all. Feel happy and proud of your significant contribution to their welfare by having helped with our activities and campaigns in the office.

This can be arranged on an individual basis, depending on the schedule. Volunteers often take long weekends to nearby islands. The staff is always happy to help you choose a destination and advise on necessary arrangements.

This depends on the length of your stay and your life style. We will be able to provide further information when programming your volunteering period.

Athens, the capital of Greece, is a lively city with plenty to see and do both within the city as well as in its immediate surroundings. Athens is a safe city and the office is located in the busy city center with loads happening on a daily basis.

In the field

Currently, the volunteer work we offer is unpaid, office based only and includes – but is not limited to assisting staff with projects, filing, letter writing, computer orientated and archive resource centre tasks, database updating, internet search, etc.

If you are specifically interested in a field work volunteer placement we suggest you check

Here we recommend two opportunities in Turkey:

logo_DEKAMERDEKAMER’s sea turtle conservation project in Turkey seeks to recruit enthusiastic volunteers who are committed to help save sea turtles in Dalyan.

On Dalyan beach, also known as ‘the turtle beach’, volunteers will be directly involved in the implementation of protection measures for the safeguarding of sea turtles.

Volunteer tasks include:

  • protection of nests against predation from foxes and other mammals
  • daily treatment of sea turtles which usually bear severe injuries as a result of accidental capture in finishing gear, at the Sea Turtle Rescue Center
  • help in raising public awareness about sea turtles
  • maintenance of the Center’s facilities

For more information on the volunteer programme in Dalyan please visit or contact Dr. Yakup Kaska, e-mail: dekamer[at]

logo_ekadEKAD – Ecological Research Society is looking for volunteers to help save sea turtles on Belek beach in Antalya. Tourism and urbanisation are the key threats to sea turtles which EKAD is trying to address primarily through academic research and environmental education campaigns targeted towards the local authorities, retailers, visitors, tourism professionals, the general public and schoolchildren.

Volunteer tasks include:

  • recording, mapping and monitoring all nests in the region
  • caging nests to protect from predation and human impact
  • tagging and measuring adult females
  • relocating nests when necessary
  • helping lost and stuck hatchlings reach the sea wherever possible
  • determining issues with negative impact on nests and hatchlings

For more information on the volunteer programme in Belek Antalya please visit or contact Deniz Candaş, Programmes Manager & Coordinator via e-mail at info[at]


Read what some of our volunteers have to say about their volunteering experience in our Athens office. Get inspired and get on board!

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"I have truly enjoyed my time at MEDASSET. All the staff were really friendly, helpful and a great example of how a team functions well. I have learned a lot from my assigned project, had the privilege to apply my own skills to it, and it has opened my eyes to points I had not considered before regarding the facilities available for sea turtle conservation in the Mediterranean. It has been a great experience and joy to be part of an upcoming initiative that will benefit sea turtle conservation in this area, and this will definitely prove beneficial for my future career. I highly recommend investing your time to volunteer with MEDASSET, learn new skills, meet new friends and assist a very hard working and determined NGO such as this!"

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"Thanks to all the staff at MEDASSET for giving us such a great, fulfilling and eye-opening experience. We will always remember this warm winter in Athens! We wish MEDASSET makes a lasting impact and continue to contribute to make this world a better place. We are so inspired and hope to contribute more to MEDASSET and spread such education and ideas to more university students. We hope we can contribute more by building fundraising groups in our universities in the US and the UK!"

Winnie & Jojo,
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"Hello I’m Emma and I volunteered for MEDASSET in November and December 2013. At the time I just graduated from a master degree in International Conflicts at Kingston University and wanted to have an experience that could help me widen my horizons. This experience at MEDASSET has allowed me to uncover the issues sea turtles are exposed to and to increase my interest in marine conservation. During my volunteering time at MEDASSET I had the chance to see the realization of the project to which I have been actively collaborating under MEDASSET. In particular I have been working on the creation of the “Wiki Loves Sea Turtle Monuments” page on Wikipedia and on the related category on Wikimedia Commons. This project has acquired a great importance for me and I believe it represent a unique opportunity to celebrate the importance of sea turtles in our society. I am currently involved in the project especially in the maintenance of the Wiki page and on the promotion of this initiative. Help us then make this a worldwide initiative, grab your camera and dive in with MEDASSET!"

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"My summer working in environmental policy with the MEDASSET team was an important formative experience for my academic and career interests. As a biology major that was neither interested in medical school nor in biological research, I came to Greece very unsure of my future career path. At MEDASSET, I contributed to policy work around elevated sea turtle mortality in Bardawil Lake, Egypt, as well as an evaluation of potential coastal engineering projects in Cyprus. These projects were so engaging that I began to contemplate instead working in public policy, particularly in a policy area where my biology background could be useful. After I returned to college in the U.S., I channeled my newfound interest by taking numerous health policy classes, assuming leadership roles in student organizations focused on public policy, and pursuing other health policy internships. Today, I work at a global health nonprofit that tackles key policy challenges around HIV/AIDS, malnutrition, and hepatitis C in countries around the world. I can credit MEDASSET for being the initial spark that put me on the path towards working in public policy. Overall, I feel very lucky to have been offered the chance to engage in environmental policy and advocacy with the MEDASSET team and to have spent a wonderful summer living in Athens. Many thanks to the MEDASSET team for the phenomenal experience in Greece!"
Read more about Stephanie at Yale Scientific

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"Volunteering at MEDASSET in the Athens office was a great experience. A few times a week I came into the office to do different things such as doing background research for a campaign to collecting pictures for awareness raising projects. One time I visited the turtle center to actually see the turtles that MEDASSET works so hard to protect. While seeing what those turtles had gone through was a little sad, at the same time it fueled me to keep volunteering for MEDASSET and it showed me how important all the work done at the office is. Not only was I giving my time for a good cause, but MEDASSET allowed me to gain important work experience in a comfortable setting. At the office it was never a dull day as the staff always created a warm, welcoming and fun atmosphere. Thank you MEDASSET for this great opportunity!"

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Hi my name is Jennie I have been working with MEDASSET since 2012, helping out with the great work they do in promoting sea turtle conservation! I started off working as an intern at MEDASSET’s head office in Athens where I was inspired to continue working in the area of marine conservation. My experiences with MEDASSET actually allowed me to write my undergraduate thesis on methods to reliably age and sex green turtles whilst at the University of Exeter, UK. Now I am in Australia doing my PhD at the University of Sunshine Coast looking into sustainable aquaculture management. So I am I very much looking forward to admiring all of your sea-turtle monuments! And I encourage all of you to get as involved with MEDASSET as you can; it is a fantastic charity that really makes a difference to all of those turtle species that desperately need our help! And you never know where your experiences with MEDASSET might take you!